JB's Record Lounge est. 2017  
640 Evans St. Atlanta, Ga 30310  CLOSED!!!

Open: Wed, Thr 12pm-8pm
            Fri, Sat 12pm-6pm
                  Sun  2pm-6pm

Contact Us 404-322-7242

In the beginning was the basement and the basement was full.....................of records and friends.  This was to be the start of something beautiful. JB's started as a quarterly crate digging party in my basement.  After purchasing about 1,000 pieces I decided to put the word out among my friends and before long, with the help of Belle Noir Productions, we were partying in the basement.  Not much has changed.  We have a little more space and a few employees/friends but the atmosphere is still the same,.........oh and now we carry about 13,000 pieces, turntables, and have a host of events.